Redefining Project Delivery
Our Mission & Values

C3 Specialty Glazing Solutions’s mission is to be Canada’s leading curtain wall retrofit company. Our focus is on commercial and institutional retrofit work. The majority of this work is completed on occupied buildings. We possess extensive experience working in and around occupied spaces, and understand the importance of effective communication and site control to ensure a successful project. The majority of our site supervisors have worked at C3 Specialty Glazing Solutions for over twenty years. This allows us to maintain a high degree of quality, consistency and greater control over the schedule and safety of our projects.

We believe that success in business depends on evolution, continuously improving your products and services. We believe our customers deserve a better experience – that is why Specialty Glazing Solutions has Redefined Project Delivery. It starts by really listening to you so we can understand your objectives. We measure our customer relationships in decades, not weeks; therefore our work has to last.

We believe that a project experience should be co-operative; we respect your knowledge! By partnering with the client from the start of the project, we define solutions sooner and resolve your problems quicker. Our size means we respond with senior people on site to assess the underlying cause of the problem to ensure you get the right solution, one that lasts. The results are often innovative, and always based on our practical and proven contracting experience. There are no cookie cutter solutions. Each solution is tailored to fit our customers’ needs.

We believe you deserve a solution that is the right solution for your needs! Our professional approach is based on integrity. It is companywide. We have many long-term employees committed to a culture of dependable service. Customers have one point of contact for communication and responsibility, so you get direct and honest answers. This is a big reason Specialty Glazing Solutions has such a high incidence of repeat business.