Curtain Wall & Window System Retrofits
Properly functioning curtain wall systems help to make your office environment comfortable by:

  • Regulating the thermal environment
  • Providing natural light for occupants
  • Enhancing the appearance of your building

Improperly functioning curtain walls can cause the following problems:

  • Allow water, moisture, or air to penetrate the building
  • Allow too much thermal energy to pass through the building envelope
  • Components can break and become dislodged from the building

Curtain wall components have a finite lifespan. Sealants, gaskets, and vision units will all require replacement over the building’s lifecycle. Regular monitoring is required to reduce the risk of your curtain wall system failing in a potentially catastrophic manner. Potential repairs can be disruptive to tenants. C3 Specialty Glazing Solutions’ approach to curtain wall retrofits helps to simplify a complex problem.

The Technical Solution

We send senior personnel who analyze your problem and determine the underlying cause. We design a solution based on practical and proven building science principles.

The Architectural Solution

We work with you to provide architectural upgrade options for your building. Our renderings allow you to clearly visualize the enhanced façade and to obtain buy-in from tenants, owners, and managers. The upgrades can be completed simultaneously with other repairs, often for minimal additional cost. These upgrades are a unique opportunity to reposition your building and to maximize the return on your investments.

The Implementation

Curtain wall retrofits, including replacing windows in a building, can be very disruptive. We work with you to ensure your clients maintain normal business operations with minimum disruption. Our clients have a single point of contact so that problems can be addressed and resolved immediately.